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Dated: April 30 2021

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Moving day is NOT the day to start packing. As soon as you know you’re moving, adopt this mantra, “Do something noticeable every day.” Some days your progress will be small, other days dramatic. Just do something. Every day.


Get a larger supply than you’ll think you’ll possibly need (believe me, you’ll be buying even more) of packing boxes of all sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, white paper for wrapping fragile items, markers and contractor-size trash bags. Have the supplies delivered or plan to make many visits to your local packing-supply store. (Check moving companies’ online estimates of how many of each you may need.)


You’ll be focusing on three tasks:

-       What to throw out.

-       What to give away.

-       What to pack.


Moving time is the absolute best opportunity to purge items you really don’t want or need in your next home.


So, those mis-matched candles, wine glasses, socks, those chipped dishes you never use, the piles of magazines from the past decade – OUT! Your trash cans should be FULL every trash day! Get to know the local bulk pick-up rules for larger items, such as unwanted exercise equipment, patio furniture, lawn mowers, bulky construction materials – and schedule a pickup or two.


For items you don’t use or want that might still be helpful to others, research donation sites – such as churches, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and neighborhood list serves. Consider donating dishes, linens, books (including cookbooks), music in various formats, electronics that still work (TVs, stereo systems), duplicate kitchen items, etc. A new home often means a chance to get NEW STUFF, so purge the old before you plan to buy anew.


Packing – check online moving sites for lots of specifics on HOW to pack. But I suggest not packing up each current room, but packing for the NEXT house. If your books will not be going into your new living room (or maybe you won’t even have a living room), do not put them in the LIVING ROOM box! I prefer keeping similar items together (books, candles, kitchen items).


Don’t overpack boxes! Remember that you or someone has to actually carry those stuffed boxes. Label each box on several sides, so you’ll be able to see the contents no matter how the box gets stacked. Be as specific as you need to help the person who unloads on the other side – KITCHEN (Dishes), BEDROOM 2 (Sheets), STORAGE (Books).


Packing is hard work, but it’s also cathartic. Purging can be freeing, and seeing your piles of stuff go into tidy boxes surprisingly satisfying. Treat moving as the process it is. And remember, “Do something noticeable every day.” Good luck!

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